What We Saw

Bruinsma_Announcement                     Silent Witness (ode to a feather) Delicate remnants of mighty wings Once In tight alignment formation Our shoulders side by side We carried eyes aloft to experience the far corners of the sphere And oh! That which we saw! the wonders! the wonders! before […]

Las Hermanas Sanchez

                  In 1985 Yaqueline Vasquez Sanchez and Lorena Sanchez were separated in the city of Armero by a volcanic eruption in Colombia that took the lives of their parents and at least 20,000 people. Their baby sitter took the sisters to government officials after the disaster, but in the chaos […]

HMS Stratton

The builder of my large canvases, Craig Stratton, likes to show me photographs of the beautiful kites he used to manufacture. His recollections are filled with a melancholy of a magical time, now gone, he spent with his beloved wife and children. This kite is a symbol of the dreams and aspirations, that take flight, but […]