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LA Film Noir Festival

LA Film Noir Festival, Egyptian Theater
Had a great time hoping (unsuccessfully) to get in to the opening movie  “The Blue Dahlia”
Lots of people in 40’s era garb. Two authentic 1947 LAPD Police cruisers, and officers in uniform.
Everyone very accommodating in terms of having their picture taken.

Takeaway – Next time buy advance tickets online!

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“Fire Starters”: The making of

A friend asked me how I composed my paintings, and I thought it might make an interesting story.

I will often have an image in my head that is somewhat vague. Something that seems like a memory. My challenge is then to recreate that foggy vision and commit it to a canvas.  I sometimes go online and look for imagery to use for visual reference.  For the figures, I either take photos of friends – or, since most of my subjects are male, will use myself as the model.  The price is right – and I’m usually available.  Here are some shots I took in my studio…  




Stuffing my cheeks ala Marlon Brando in the Godfather to change my appearance.
But I ended up looking more like Michael Keaton.


Here I am grabbing my own arm, hope I win!

Needed more drama…

City in the background was too fiery,
needed a broader color spectrum,
everything was in the very warm tones…

The challenge will now be of course to make an exciting painting with the available resources!